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History of Aerosols

1920-1950 - Erick Rothheim files the patent for the "aerosol dispenser" - it is used as a "bug bomb" in World War II - 4.3million units produced

1950-1960 - Insecticides and hairsprays were the first products to go commercial followed by air fresheners, deodorants and shaving foams

1960-1970 - The popularity of aerosols increases and the golden age of the aerosol industry dawns - additional products introduced into the market

1970-1980 - Production stuns as the a total of 2.2 billon units are consumed, an increase of 80% over the previous decade. However, a publication by Molina and Rowland indicates that CFCs are affecting the ozone layer and aerosols become a target because of their extensive use of CFCs as a propellant at the time

1980-1990 - The global aerosol industry moves away from the use of CFCs to alternative products - most aerosol products have not used ODSs (Ozone Depleting Substances) since then - the exception is a small amount of medicinal products - despite the CFC controversy, production continues to increase by a staggering 35%

2000-2010 - Designs become more attractive and daring (shaped cans) - global production nears the 12 billion units mark - because of its popularity as a consumer product the aerosol survives much pressure from regulatory and environmental spheres and the industry, worldwide, continues to grow despite severe economic constraints

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In the more than 50 years of aerosol use worldwide, only a minimal number of consumer-related accidents have occurred - mostly as a result of misuse and abuse rather than malfunction. In South Africa alone, nearly 2 billion of these indispensable items have been produced and sold in this time.

However, because aerosols contain contents under pressure and often contain solvents, there are a few important things to bear in mind when using and/or storing them:

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Aerosols have been a popular and convenient option for personal and household products throughout South Africa and the Western world for well over 50 years. They are incredibly versatile and are able to dispense a wide variety of products safely, hygienically and efficiently.

South Africans use in excess of 200 million aerosol products annually, and there is every expectation that, as more and more people get to know of their benefits, this number will continue to grow.

Some of the advantages of using the aerosol package are:

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