The Aerosol Manufacturers ‘Association has produced a power point presentation for use by educators, parents and other interested parties in order that this self propagated plight usually done by children or persons in their early teens on themselves, can be understood and responded to positively.

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Aerosol products have been our family friends for well over 50 years.

Where would we be without....

  • our favourite Deodorant to get us ready for the day or for that special occasion,
  • our protection when the creepies start crawling around in the house
  • those wonderful fragrant products such as furniture polishes and air fresheners that instantly clean and freshen our homes...
  • and aerosol paint that works like magic with so many different applications...
  • not to mention the incredible medical applications such as asthma sprays and sprays for burn treatment, artificial skin, etc....
In all, nearly 200 commonly used applications can be found in aerosol packaging!

Feel free to browse our site where you will find lots of interesting and informative facts about the products that we all have come to love and appreciate over the years. You will also find useful data on The Aerosol Manufacturers' Association, (more simply known as the AMA), the companies operating in the South African aerosol industry, as well as some useful links where a wealth of interesting and accurate facts can found for your school project, that book you want to write or merely to keep yourself enlightened on these familiar products that we have been using for many years.

ADVICE - An important fact to remember when shopping for your aerosol products is that cans bearing the "AMA Approved" logo are produced by members of the AMA who have undertaken to strive for the highest standards of efficacy and safety in the manufacturing, storage and transport of their products. So do look for this mark when you next go shopping, its a mark of global quality carried only by South African manufactured household aerosol products!


The AMA offers practical training courses for personnel of member companies. The current course "Introduction to Aerosol Technology" has been taken by hundreds of line workers, packaging technologists, laboratory and stores personnel, marketing and management staff up to MD status. How much more effecive will your company be, from production to marketing to management when all know more about the intricacies of the company's products. The courses are run over two days and are conducted under laboratory conditions.



The Association is also currenly preparing a number of training videos on aspects such as can manufacture, aerosol valves, filling procedures and more. These professionally produced videos will be made available to members for in-house training purposes.


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Upcoming training courses to be advised shortly.

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